How to stake

1. Adding liquidity

To start earning NOVA you will have to add liquidity to the KOMET/ETH pool on Uniswap.
Mining system is only available with LP tokens.
Select Add liquidity button on the KOMET/ETH pair page.
When you add liquidity you have to enter 50%/50% share of KOMET and ETH. Do not worry, Uniswap will automatically fill the other input box with an equivalent amount.
Then, select Approve KOMET button and wait for the transaction.
Lastly, you will have a window with the amount of KOMET/ETH LP tokens you will receive. Confirm your action by selecting Supply and Confirm supply buttons.
Well done, you have just added liquidity to the pool and received you KOMET/ETH LP tokens. Now, get back to app.komet.finance to start staking.
Last modified 8mo ago
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