Our MasterUniverse contract brings the time-tested power of the Sushiswap MasterChef with a newly conceived idea to minimize whale dominance. In line with our mission of delivering access to users, this gives them a leg up over the whales!

It comes with several features too, explained in last articles like :

  • Halving system,

  • Degressive fees,

  • PlasmaPower and buff rate algorithm.

PlasmaPower algorithm

PlasmaPower is the name of our staking adjustment, introduced in order to limit the power of whales.

How it works

  • The PlasmaPower calculation uses a formula to create an adjustment factor

  • Rewards = rewards of the mining pools * PlasmaPower / total PlasmaPower

  • PlasmaPower = user staked amount * buff rate

Determining whale status

This, again, is the key to our equitable staking mechanism. The buff rate that a user is entitled to will vary based on how much the KOMET / ETH Uniswap LP he has. It is updated after each withdrawal and deposit.

  • Casual — buff rate 12 : ~32% of users : <= 2 LPs

  • Common — buff rate 10: ~52% of users : <= 15 LPs

  • Committed — buff rate 8: ~12% of users : <= 100 LPs

  • Whales — buff rate 6: ~4% of users : > 100 LPs

Halving calculation

Previously we built the halving system based on time. You have to know that miners are capable of adjusting the block timestamps, so during cycle change, a system based on time can bring some opportunity to manipulate the reward.

To prevent this, we now base all the calculations on top of block number as accuracy and security are critical for us. It doesn’t change the main logic as we can predict approximately how many blocks by day.

Halving cycles

  • 10 days post-launch

  • 30 days post-launch

  • 70 days post-launch

Staking was launched Dec 16, 2020